Table 6

Results of Linear Regression Modeling to Predict MAACL-R Subscale Scores From Perceived Stress Scores in Survey Sample (n = 524)a

VariableCorrelation (β)
Anxiety SubscaleDepression SubscaleHostility SubscaleDysphoria Subscale
Residency year (PGY2 vs. PGY1)–0.0190.0270.0740.038
Age (≥26 yr vs. 20–25 yr)0.078–0.0120.102b0.069
Hours worked per wk (>60 vs. 40–60)0.0700.118b0.088b0.119b
  • a MAACL-R = Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist–Revised, PGY = postgraduate year.

  • b Significant (p < 0.05) correlation by multiple linear regression controlling for age and weekly hours worked.