Table 2

Rankings From Quality-Improvement Focus Group

FactorMean Rank (n = 27)
Program Benefitsa
 Improvement in specific competencies4.1
 Applying the knowledge4.0
 Exposure to alternative perspectives3.4
 Resident bonding2.2
Program Barriersb
 Support from program directors4.3
 Program infrastructure3.4
 Oversight of the program3.2
 Support from preceptors2.6
 Navigating program expectations2.3
 Program’s use of technology2.3
 Conflicting priorities2.2
 My perception of the program’s benefit1.6
  • a Factors were ranked 1 through 6, with 6 being the most beneficial.

  • b Factors were ranked 1 through 9, with 9 being the largest barrier.