Table 1

Objectives That Are Not Reflected in Graduation Requirement Criteria

1.1.1Interact effectively with healthcare teams to manage patients’ medication therapy.
1.1.6Ensure implementation of therapeutic regimens and monitoring plans by taking appropriate follow-up actions.
1.3.2Manage aspects of the medication-use process related to formulary management.
2.1.3Identify opportunities for improvement of the medication-use system.
2.1.4Participate in medication event reporting and monitoring.
2.2.1Identify changes needed to improve patient care and/or the medication-use system.
2.2.3Implement changes to improve patient care and/or the medication-use system.
2.2.4Assess changes made to improve patient care or the medication-use system.
3.2.1Explain factors that influence departmental planning.
3.2.2Explain elements of the pharmacy enterprise and their relationship to the healthcare system.
4.1.1Design effective educational activities.
4.1.3Use effective written communication to disseminate knowledge.
4.1.4Appropriately assess effectiveness of education.
4.2.1When engaged in teaching, select a preceptors’ role that meets learners’ educational needs.
4.2.2Effectively employ preceptor roles, as appropriate.