Table 2

Themed Responses Regarding Various Aspects of Fellowship

Fellowship DomainNo. Respondents Indicating Highest Ranking for Indicated DomainMean Rank of Domain Usefulnessb
Motivation for Completing FellowshipFellowship’s Influence on CareeraFellowship’s Most Valuable or Useful AspectaTotal
Teaching and learning161920551.56
Professional development and leadership141815472.80
Research and scholarship  1  7  9173.56
Clinical care  1  6  1  83.12
Administrative and management  1  3  3  73.96
  • a Some respondents provided more than 1 response to these open-ended questions; the numbers quantify the discreet comments related to specific domains.

  • b Domains were ranked from 1 (most relative value) to 5 (least relative value).