Table 1

Costs of Medications Used to Control Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting31,a

Category and ProductAWP ($)b
NK1 receptor antagonists
 Aprepitant 125-mg oral capsule (1) and aprepitant 80-mg oral capsules (2)706 per tri-pack
 Fosaprepitant injection (150 mg/10 mL)322 per vial
 Rolapitant 180-mg oral capsule636 per capsule
Combination products
 Netupitant–palonosetron (300 and 0.5 mg, respectively) oral capsule659 per capsule
5-HT3 receptor antagonists
 Granisetron 1-mg oral tablet59 per tablet
 Granisetron injection (4 mg/4 mL)79 per vial
 Ondansetron injection (40 mg/20 mL)6 per vial
 Ondansetron 8-mg oral tablet41 per tablet
 Palonosetron injection (0.25 mg/5 mL)533 per vial
Other products
 Olanzapine 5-mg oral tablet13 per tablet
 Dexamethasone injection (10 mg/1 mL)2 per vial
 Dexamethasone 4-mg oral tablet1 per tablet
  • a AWP = average wholesale price, NK1 = neurokinin 1, 5-HT3 = 5-hydroxytryptamine type 3.

  • b Prices are rounded to the nearest dollar and reflect drug cost only.